About the Artist
Cody was born and raised in Prescott AZ.  It was in his childhood
that he discovered a love for art and the western way.  His father,
Pat Haptonstall, worked in a foundry and sculpted.  His father's
passion for detail and story in art were strong influences for Cody
as a boy.  He enjoyed many art shows and meeting many brilliant
artists.  These men taught Cody the value and meaning of the
cowboy way.  His father taught him passion, honor and love in the
way only he could.  Cody lost his father at the cusp of becoming a
man himself.  This cut a cavern so deep
, that to this day it
sometimes seems impossible to cross.  
After 11yrs without a paint
brush in hand,
having married and had three children of his own,
Cody began to paint again.  He paints because he loves it.  He
paints because it brings the floor of the cave out into the light.  It
brings him great joy to see the light in the world and to be able to
translate that light through art. There is such pain and loss in our
lives and remembering the light and love is the only way to cross
the caverns and continue to the mountain peaks.  So, load your
horses, set back in your saddle and hang on tight.